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When you were in school, did you ever write a paper, then proofread it and double check that is was polished, and end up being surprised to find red marks all over it when you got it back after being graded? When you looked back over your mistakes, some of them may have been glaringly obvious, but somehow you hadn’t noticed them before.

The same things happen to us in business. In school you likely had someone else check and edit your papers. But what about having someone else check and “edit” your business?

What is an Amazon Seller Consultant? How do you find one?

An Amazon Seller Consultant is someone who knows the Amazon platform, selling on Amazon, and marketing on Amazon very well and offers their expertise as a service to businesses to help them increase their sales on Amazon.

As with anything, often a second set of eyes is useful. Regardless of how many tutorials you’ve watched and articles you’ve read, sometimes you just miss what, once pointed out, may seem like obvious details; details that had been hurting your sales. An Amazon Seller Consultant can see things you may not see, and will likely even know things you don’t know.

Now that Amazon as a market has matured, more and more people are offering their Amazon expertise as a service. You can find these experts on freelance sites such as FreeeUp, LinkedIn, or just by searching for them in Google.

With FreeeUp you can request to be introduced to an Amazon consultant and be introduced with a pre-vetted expert, ready to help, within one business day.

5 Ways Amazon Seller Consultants Increase Sales

1.  Guide you on your next image upgrades

The key with images is to have great images that not only clearly show what your product is and what it does, but that answer all your customers’ potential questions so they don’t even have to read your listing. A consultant can look at what gaps you should fill in your images and what infographics or comparison charts you need to add. Sometimes information that seems obvious to you may not be obvious to a customer. Many consultants have also split-tested dozens or even hundreds of images and can point you in the right direction. A consultant can help you make sure you’ve got everything you need in your images to maximize sales.

2.  Revamp your listing copy and enhanced brand content

The ad copy that converts the best may not always be obvious. A consultant can likely find great ways to increase your conversions through your ad copy. Sometimes it can be hard to write copy that really focuses on the best selling benefits. I recently helped a seller rewrite bullet points on their best-selling listing. After running a split test for a month, we found the new version increased sales by over 56 percent!

Amazon is regularly introducing new features, some of which you may not yet be taking advantage of. For example, Amazon recently upgraded Enhanced Brand Content to include comparison charts for different products. This feature, originally only available for Amazon vendors (via A+ content), allows you to link between your other products without having them in the same parent listing. An Amazon consultant can suggest other ways to present your brand and keep you in the loop about the latest tools and features.

3.  Restructure and optimize your PPC

PPC tends to be difficult for many sellers. Often, you didn’t necessarily start with a set organization in mind and the campaigns grow somewhat out of control. A Seller Consultant can determine how your campaigns are set up and restructure them accordingly. They can also set up a process for you to manage your campaigns over time. With proper campaign organization, the data is much more transparent as to how keywords are performing, how to update your listings, and how to move your ACoS up and down as you please.

4.  Find what you haven’t been doing correctly

You can search and sift through information online for ways to improve your Amazon business, but there’s a lot of value in having an expert look at your specific business and tell you the exact information that you really need to know. You may not have been watching your seller feedback and therefore didn’t notice your buy box percentage taking a hit, even though this would have been an easy fix.

I once helped a company who had two of their best-selling products lose virtually all their sales overnight. They went from selling multiple units a day to only a couple a week. After a month, they reached out to me to find out what was going on. We found that on the day their sales dropped off, they had received a one-star seller feedback from a customer. They had responded and fixed the customer’s problem, but the review was still on the account. We also noticed the feedback had actually been concerning a problem with the product, not the seller, so we were able to have Amazon’s system remove the review within minutes. What had cost them thousands of dollars in lost sales took less than an hour to uncover and solve with a second set of eyes. A consultant can help fix your problems, then establish processes you can implement in the future to prevent the problems from recurring.

5.  Help you find ways to improve your product offerings and know when to drop poor products

You’ll run into times where you need to make an Amazon business’ important decisions, product decisions. Sometimes you’ll have a product that just doesn’t build up any traction. Depending on how much you’ve invested into this product, you may want to be 100% sure before you scrap it and move onto something else. A consultant can help you determine if your problem is a listing or marketing problem, or simply a problem with your product itself. From there, if it is a dud product, what other options may work for you? Perhaps you can bundle it in with other products, or upgrade some of the features. A consultant can also give you a second opinion on whether a product is even worth pursuing in the first place, saving you a lot of time, effort, and money. They can also suggest other products that go well with your existing products to help them build off of each other.

When it comes down to it, the value from an Amazon seller central consultant really comes down to customized advice specifically tailored to you, including the things you may not want to hearbut need to.

Getting the help of an Amazon Seller Consultant is like having the TA look over your paper for you before you have to turn it in, practically guaranteeing you’ll get a better grade than you would on your own. Having a second set of experienced eyes on your business is a huge help. Whether you’re just looking for pointers on your listings and campaigns or you have a more serious sales problem you need diagnosed, an Amazon Seller Consultant is the way to go.

Think your business could increase sales with help from a consultant? Contact FreeeUp to be introduced to a pre-vetted Amazon seller central consultant within one business day.

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