How to start a private label on amazon!

Creating your own product line is not necessarily as hard as it seems:

  1. Find a niche product that you know a lot about:Amazon Private Label Selling
    • Search amazon.
    • Don’t look at anything that is seasonal or less than $10.
    • Is there any thing that you could slightly change to make it better? Could you source it for cheaper? Could you promote or market it better?
  2. Search Alibaba or DHGate to find a manufacturer that is selling something very similar or the same.
    1. Message them for quotes
    2. Remember, you need to find a product that you could sell at many multiples from what you purchased it at. Amazon FBA and marketplace fees take a large percentage of your selling costs.
  3. Buy some samples. They may charge a lot for shipping or the product. Ask for this to be refunded after the first order is placed.
  4. If you are satisfied with the samples, place a small order to test the market.
  5. Create a website. Use a wordpress theme. We recommend div shot. Make it seem that you are an established and real company.
    1. Get someone to do on-page and off-page SEO for you.
    2. Create all social media accounts for your website and private brand. Connect all social media accounts with IFTTT or Stringify.
  6. Contact blogs within your niche and ask them them to conduct a product review in return for free products.
  7. Started to grow? Find a no interest intro credit card so that you can source more goods.

When you get bigger, sign up for a no fee credit card that allows you to source your product. Amazon may offer you a small loan.

These are all based upon my experiences so far. Feel free to let me know what you think!


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