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So, I’ve done it again.

A few months ago, I mentioned that I purchased a Mom blog. Yep, a mom blog.

That site is still going well, even though there are some growing pains with learning Pinterest and the world of sponsored posts.  However, the learning curve didn’t scare me away from buying another site recently.

Don’t worry, it’s not another Mom blog.  This time I bought a site in a niche that I better understand.  I bought an Amazon FBA blog!

I’m really excited about the potential of this new site, and I’ll share all my plans below.  In fact, I’m going to share the URL of the site itself, which is not something that I would typically do.

So, let’s jump right into it.

Why I Bought an Amazon FBA Blog?

If you are wondering why I just purchased another site, here’s my reasoning:  I’m really into cashflow.

The bottom line is that buying an existing website is a great way to build up a significant portfolio of sites.   I already have several sites that I’ve built from scratch (or am still in the process of building), and now I’m buying a few more to round out that portfolio.

I’ve also built and sold an Amazon FBA business at the end of last year, so I know the Amazon space pretty well.  So, when I saw the opportunity to buy this Amazon FBA blog on the Empire Flippers marketplace, I couldn’t pass it up.

The 4 reasons I bought this site:

So, what’s the site?  You can see my new site at FBAMaster.com!

Why Did I Just Reveal the Site?

Yes, the site I just bought is FBAMaster.com, and you are free to check it out.  Most of the time I don’t reveal the sites I’ve purchased or built here, so this is pretty unusual.

However, I’ve got a few reasons why I’m not afraid to share the site. First, I actually talk about Amazon FBA here on NichePursuits.com quite a bit, so it’s a very similar audience to FBAmaster.com.  So, some of you might actually find the content over there interesting.

I’ve been selling products on Amazon since 2014.

Want to know the research tool I’ve been using since I’ve started (and still use today)? Get my latest tips and how to guide for using this tool.

Second, I’m not really worried about copy cats on this one.  The last time I revealed one of my own sites was 5 years ago during Niche Site Project 1!  After revealing that site, I quickly had about a bazillion other sites targeting “best survival knife” (my main keyword) and doing everything they could to outrank me.

In fact, someone blasted my site with thousands of spammy links and my site eventually dropped in Google.  Ever since that time, I’ve been very hesitant to reveal any of my sites publicly.

This one is a little different though.  The core of this business is NOT reliant on traffic from Google for one main keyword.  FBA Master has a good sized email list and over 26,000 in a private Facebook group.

So, there isn’t really a Google ranking I’m worried about…

Finally, I think being able to show a real site will make it much easier for me to discuss what’s working and what isn’t in the future.  I’m hoping it makes things much more interesting for you as a reader!

What Are My Plans for the Site?

The site was started by 3 partners to basically document their journey as they were selling products on Amazon.   The previous owners primarily focused on retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, and a little by of Merch by Amazon (selling tshirts).  (See my Merch Informer review here).

You can learn more about online arbitrage right here.

However, they also took the time to create a few products including a couple of chrome extensions and a few information products.

Overall, they made a nice start with a blog and built up a great email list and FB group.  However, I believe a few tweaks can help to go the business even more.

Step 1: “Clean up” the site, products, and email list

Before buying the site, it just needed to be cleaned up a bit. For example, here’s what the site looked like before with a HUGE logo and odd menu items:

Here’s after (notice reduced sized logo and menu items):

In addition, the email list was a little bit of a mess.  The previous owner was using Sumo Me to collect email addresses via popup/exit intent.  This is great!  However, they never synced up Sumo with Aweber (their email provider).  So, they would have to remember to manually export all the leads from Sumo over to Aweber once a month.

We just went in a moved everything over to Opt-in Monster and had it automatically sync with ConverKit (my email provider of choice now).  No more manual exports needed.

The same story is basically happening with Gumroad where they sell the products.  People buy the products and everything stays in Gumroad, they were not syncing up with their main email list/provider.  We are in the process of getting that all cleaned up so the business can run more smoothly.

We also updated and lengthened the new auto-responder series.  Previously new email signups were getting about 5 or 6 total emails over 10 days.  Now we have 45 days of auto-responder emails going out on a more frequent basis.  The money really is in this email list right now.

Under this same “cleanup” tasks is how their products are presented.  If you go the products page, its basically impossible to tell what they are selling.  You can see the current products page here.  Or the screenshot below if we’ve changed it before you visit that link:

Can you tell what they are trying to sell there?  I can’t.  I do really like the money flying in the stadium though, it’s a nice touch!

I’ll share a bit more about the products below, but in a nutshell I’m going to move over all the good products to Clickfunnels with their own awesome looking sales page and I’ll scrap all the other products.

Step 2: Analyze Analytics and Add New Content

The previous owner did not have Google Analytics installed properly, so I know they weren’t really looking at stats.  The first thing I did when I bought the site was get the analytics to start working.  A simple 5 minute fix.

Now that it’s got some data over a couple of weeks, I can start to go back and figure out what content needs to be updated and what new keywords I should be targeting.  Most of the articles written were not super in-depth previously, so I believe there is a lot of room for growth by going back and updating content (similar to what I’ve done here on Niche Pursuits).

Then of course I’ve already found a bunch of new keywords to target using my long tail keyword strategy. I’m confident that the site will start ranking for lots of new keywords as we add this new content over the coming months.

Step 3: Out with the Old in With the New

The previous owners currently have about 20 products that they are selling.  A few of these are “pay what you want”, so most people pay $0.  Out of these 20, I will likely only keep 2 and get rid of everything else.

Want to start your own blog?

NichePursuits Rating

Want to start your own blog that can make thousands of dollars per month in passive income? Here I discuss:

By focusing on just 2 products, I believe I can significantly ramp of the sales.  The early signs are showing that I’m right.

There is a Textbook Arbitrage Chrome Extension that was the best selling product, but still was only making roughly $400 a month.  (The site makes most of it’s money through affiliate sales).

I decided to try running a promotion for that Chrome extension to see what would happen.  A few emails to the list is all I did.  See the results below:

In one week, we did about $1200 in sales; or 3 times the normal monthly sales.  This confirmed my suspicion that people are still interested in this chrome extension.

So, I’ve since hired a developer to create a new Chrome extension and add a couple features.  I’ll be launching a brand new Chrome Extension in about 2 weeks that I believe has big potential.

The site also has one other product that has potential.  I don’t plan on changing the other product too much, but I do plan on creating a great salespage (there isn’t one now) and promoting heavily to the email list and testing out paid traffic.

I’m hopeful that the sales of my own products on FBAmaster.com will soon eclipse the amount currently being made through affiliate sales.

Those are some of the immediate changes I’ll be making.  Long term there will continue to be tweaks to optimize the site.  But overall the plan is pretty simple.  Do everything I can to grow the email list, promote my own products or affiliate products to that email list (along with tons of great valuable content as well), and create new products that can take the business to another level.

Only Time Will Tell…

So, I’ve made the investment to buy the site and started making changes.  Some of the early signs are good that some of my plans will work out.  However, there is nothing guaranteed in business.  Only time will tell if my plans for changes will truly grow the business.

I’m excited to be able to publicly share my recent acquisition, FBAmaster.com!  I don’t know if this will turn into a full-blown case study, but I do expect to provide future updates on how things are going.

Oh, and if you have a site you want to sell, let me know here.

I’d love to hear any thoughts or questions that you have below.

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