Top 10 Amazon Selling Tools in 2018

Success on Amazon selling can’t be possible without using the right tools that can automate or smoothen the necessary processes along the way. The following are the aspects that Amazon sellers have to take care of and the tools that they can use to excel in each aspect:

1. Price

You can’t seize the market without setting your price right. RepricerExpress is one of the best repricing  tools there are. You can achieve competitive pricing with their effective and affordable tool. This tool allows you to set minimum and maximum prices while keeping your margins intact. You can also personalize your pricing strategies when you deem fit.

2. Feedback

Amazon has introduced their customer dissatisfaction rate metric. Tools like FeedbackExpress can help Amazon sellers communicate with their customers better. With this tool, you can automatically send emails to your customers to gracefully ask for a positive feedback. They also send you alerts when negative reviews pop up, so you can take immediate actions that can save your business from disruption.

4. Shipping

In terms of shipping, ShipWorks works. It downloads orders from your e-commerce shops and makes it easier to get the orders shipped. You can pick lists, create custom invoices, manage monthly reports, set promotional emails, and other actions that you ought to do after making a sale.

5. Tax

Taxomate is a tool that easily connects your Amazon account to either Quickbooks or Xero and import order sale seamlessly. This helps you skip the manual order imports using spreadsheets. This tool also helps you calculate your sales tax automatically.

6. Payments

Transferwise: Receive money from global marketplaces without worrying about local bank accounts with Currencies Direct. This valuable tool can also help you save you a maximum of 3% of the overall sales value on the exchange rates.

7. Listing Tools

How you list your products has a direct impact on how much sales you make. Google’s Keyword Tool can help you determine which keywords you need to include in your product title and description. You may also visit Merchant Words which holds the top 20 million search queries visitors look up on Amazon every day.

8. Sourcing

Looking for the best products to sell on Amazon is an important part of an Amazon sellers’ online venture. ProfitSourcey can be your partner here. They give you the list of the top items that are proven to be lucrative to sell on Amazon.

9. Advertising

Facebook holds a huge base of consumer market. User adverts to promote your Amazon products and boost your site traffic. Facebook advertising has now been made super simple and effective with their strong targeting scope.

10. Customer Service

If you want to keep customers coming back, Groove can be your customer service buddy. They have a simple online helpdesk solution that you can maximize.

11. Amazon Seller App

There are lots of things you can do on Amazon Seller App, like contacting Amazon, listing items, responding to customers, checking the existing price sales rank, and monitoring your feedback

Without the right tools, you can hardly detect the strengths and weaknesses of your enterprise. Choose the best Amazon tools today, and always set your venture to the right track.

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